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Better trees, lighting, and now, collision detection

This is probably the last entry I’ll add this year, so I hope it’s a good enough one! My SeedWorld engine has now reached a milestone- the first physics code. Also, the trees are generated more realistically and lighting is

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Proceduralize all of the things! More terrain progress, and trees.

Here’s some more progress on the SeedWorld voxel engine. Last week has been mostly occupied with tweaking stuff- tweaking noise outputs, heightmap parameters, and color gradients. It’s been a ton of trial and error to get a landscape that I

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The Start of a New World Part 2: A first look at my progress

I’ve been working a lot on my voxel game engine. For now it just renders voxels and most of the work has been on adding more rendering features to it, but it’s progressing well. The game is being made with

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The Start of a New World

Welcome to my first post! This blog is made to document the progress of a new game I’m making, codenamed SeedWorld. I have several years of hobbyist game programming experience, and work as a web developer. My previous blog, Electronic

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