The Start of a New World

Welcome to my first post! This blog is made to document the progress of a new game I’m making, codenamed SeedWorld. I have several years of hobbyist game programming experience, and work as a web developer. My previous blog, Electronic Meteor, will give you an idea of what I have done, and this time I decided to start on a new game and dedicate a blog to it.

SeedWorld started out as an inspiration from the game Cube World, which is being worked on by two people, and currently in an alpha stage. However, recent updates have been… lacking to say the least and it has disconcerted a few people. I have an alpha build from 2013 and though I have only recently started playing it, it has shown a lot of promise. Like a few others I was inspired by this game to make my own voxel world engine and then build it up into something more substantial. Also a shout out to Giawa whose blog I just discovered yesterday, it is always nice to find other developers with similar goals as your own.

My next post will start to cover the development of the engine and game. It’s going to be somewhat long of a post, so I hope you enjoy it!

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