My name is Chris and I’m the developer of Project SeedWorld, a voxel-style RPG that is similar to Minecraft and Cube World in appearance. I’m a web developer by trade but enjoy programming games on my own spare time. The game is being made with my own engine, the SeedWorld engine, and is coded in C# with XNA. Eventually I would port it to MonoGame, though. It is my largest game project to date. Along the way, I will write about my progress with the game, and eventually get more into specific gameplay features. SeedWorld will probably not be the final name for the game’s release. I also own Electronic Meteor, my general programming blog.

Specs and Compatibility

Here is a tentative list of compatibility requirements I want for my game. The list is subject to change:

– Cross-Platform (with MonoGame): Windows, Linux, Mac
– XNA Reach-like profile, low-spec enough to run on most Intel iGPUs
– Minimum dual-core Pentium CPU required for smooth frame rates
Stretch goal: Smooth frame rates on pre-i7 quad core CPUs, maybe even Core 2 Duos

One comment on “About
  1. Ryan says:

    Game looks great man, I’m so glad to see its not just me whos still using xna 🙂 Im having some trouble with shadows actually if you think you could help heres a link to a thread on stack overflow: http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/96260/xna-c-shadows-look-strange-in-orthographic


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