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Voxel lighting problem solved

I have fixed a problem that has bugged me for quite some time. For most of the development of SeedWorld, up until last week, every chunk was not able to access voxels from immediate neighbors. This shortcoming was avoided with the

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Day/Night Cycle

Here’s a quick update this time. This time I have implemented a day/night cycle for the game. It’s not physically accurate but it looks good enough. This short video demonstrates it. There is now a skydome in the background, which

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Map Making and Model Batching

It’s now month two of the development of my SeedWorld engine and the game it will be used for. In the first month I have already made a lot of progress for it. The features I’ve done that month are:

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Better trees, lighting, and now, collision detection

This is probably the last entry I’ll add this year, so I hope it’s a good enough one! My SeedWorld engine has now reached a milestone- the first physics code. Also, the trees are generated more realistically and lighting is

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