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Chunks are proper cubes now. Also, an upcoming shooter game

Here’s a shorter update, but sorry, no pics this time. I’ve spent a lot of time in the voxel chunk rendering code, perhaps too much time, but part of it has to do with converting chunks to 32x32x32 size. Previously, every

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Adding Biomes and Rivers

This week I have been working on adding more natural features- rivers and biomes (or at least the start of it). As part of making the world more varied and less same-y, I decided it’s a good time to add

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Map Making and Model Batching

It’s now month two of the development of my SeedWorld engine and the game it will be used for. In the first month I have already made a lot of progress for it. The features I’ve done that month are:

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Proceduralize all of the things! More terrain progress, and trees.

Here’s some more progress on the SeedWorld voxel engine. Last week has been mostly occupied with tweaking stuff- tweaking noise outputs, heightmap parameters, and color gradients. It’s been a ton of trial and error to get a landscape that I

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